Monday, May 4, 2009

Ruta de Las Flores

Part II

The hostel where we stayed had great artwork in each room. Several pieces were from an artist in Apaneca. The owners said he is always open to visitors, so on our way back to Suchitoto we stopped in to see his studio. Gustavo, the artist, works primarily with recycled material, especially wood that he collects all over the country. His work is incredible and I am still trying to figure out how to actually transport a piece back home. After visiting his workshop, he invited us to some land that he had recently purchased where he plans to build several cabanas. The view looks out over the mountains surrounding La Ruta de Las Flores. He is building the cabanas in his artistic style with recycled doors, wood planks and shudders. Our conversation turned to food and our mutual love of cheese. He told us about a French man in Ataco who makes goat cheese. We joined up with some friends of Gustavo and had a late lunch in Ataco of quiche, crepes and goat cheese. The variety of cheese offered in El Salvador is limited so I was more than excited. It was a great end to an amazing weekend.

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