Monday, May 4, 2009

La Ruta de Las Flores

Part I

The Ruta de Las Flores was originally named for the flowers that flank the 36 kilometer long road through coffee country, small charming towns and natural beauty. There are three towns the make up the majority of the tourist route through the area: Juayua, Apeneca and Ataco. We stayed in Juayua in a great hostel owned by a Danish woman and El Salvadorian man. Murals are a common site all over the town. But the true beauty of this area is primarily based in the dramatic landscape and nature. We took a great hike to the seven waterfalls surrounding Juayua. The hike consisted of four hours of steep up hills, slippery down hills and a bit of repelling but each waterfall was spectacular in its own way and worth the sore legs the next day. The most popular waterfall is used as a swimming destination for many tourists. Our guide took us through tunnels carved out in the cliffs surrounding the waterfalls where the current of the water just pushes you through.

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