Friday, August 7, 2009


This is my pet turtle- Heman. I believe he is very young because of his size but he has grown very little over the last two months. I found him on the farm. We are still trying to figure out what he likes to eat and if he is a water/land or primarily water turtle. Any turtle advice would be great!


  1. hey elizabeth! i had about 6 pet turtles living in my backyard when i was a kid, and a few had little babies that looked like heman, it took a couple seasons for them to get bigger than the size of a half-dollar. they mostly caught their own food, but we would catch bugs (live) and beetles and spiders to feed them, they also liked lettuce and raw ground beef. good luck! and watch out because they bite! (not hard though!) -kat

  2. Ella likes Heman. She says that she is going to get on a plane and come to your house and see him. Oh I wish we could!