Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Plants at Los Nacimientos

The most successful and widely exported plant on the farm is indigo. There is also marinon, known as the cashew tree to many of us. El Salvadorians use the fruit of the cashew tree much more than the nut itself. At Los Nacimientos they produce jelly, syrup, vinegar and wine from the fruit of the cashew tree and dried hisbiscus flower. Other crops include noni, achote, bananas, hibiscus flower, lemongrass and terberinto. Noni is currently used for medicinal purposes in the form of a juice and has been known to cure cancer. The seeds of achote are used to color and flavor food. The farm uses the lemongrass for essential oils. Teberinto comes from India and is used for many things but my favorite is that the seeds can be used to make potable water. Don't ask me how.

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  1. Dear Elizabeth , could you post a foto from Teberinto ?
    In cuba there is a fruit called chayote. It is green light, has small spines and an average diameter of 15-20 cm.
    It needs to be cooked to eat.